Advanced Liquid Separation with Pall Corporation Podcast.
In today’s business environment, refinery process efficiency is as important as ever. Minimizing downtime, improving process reactions and output products, and reducing operating costs are essential to optimizing business performance.

Effective liquid/liquid separation is critical to ensuring reliable refinery operations and to consistently produce quality, final product. The age-old question still stands, however, which technology is best to deliver these results?

With that in mind, Reuters Events and Pall Corporation have joined forces to discuss best practices and technologies available for improving liquid separations in the Advanced Liquid Separation Webinar to help you ensure the reliability of refineries. Now more than ever it is time to sure up the reliability of your plant and product.
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Core discussion points include:

  • The pros and cons of liquid separation technologies used in refineries today
  • How to optimize your water or spent caustic removal on final products, hazy steam stripped diesel, caustic-treated streams, alkylation feeds, coker products, and condensates/NGLs
  • How to improve hydrocarbon removal from both sour water and amines
  • How to resolve upsets with quick turnaround solutions
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