Downstream Engineering & Construction Canada Conference & Exhibition 2019
Join 400+ downstream industry professionals at Canada’s biggest conference & exhibition (November 19-20) dedicated to the Downstream Engineering & Construction Industry.

The 2019 event will be bigger than ever before, seeing more cutting-edge owner led sessions, in depth workshops and unrivalled networking opportunities. Making this the only event on your calendar that will give you the tools you need to optimise project development, increase productivity and maximise revenue. You can’t miss this.

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Pre-order your copy of the DECC 2019 brochure now >>>

Major Stakeholders who took the stage in 2018:
Critical Challenges Addressed at DECC 2019

1. Best in Class Case Studies: Engage with pioneering Downstream leaders in Canada to learn how they are developing the latest wave of projects and how you can apply these owner insights to your business model.

2. Address Labour Shortages: Discover the challenges and trends in Canada’s downstream labour market and work with peers on innovative approaches to ensure you’ve the availability and quality you need to execute world class capital projects

3. Optimise Project Development: Learn how to streamline the execution phase, reducing waste expenditure and ensuring your facilities are built on time and to budget.

4. Increase Productivity: Understand the best practices being deployed by your peers to overcome major, minor and unexpected pitfalls for maximised efficiency.

5. Innovation in Downstream Construction: Explore which disruptive technologies are set to revolutionise the industry; and how these will strip back expenditure in costly areas such as construction and engineering.

Pre-order your copy of the DECC 2019 brochure now >>>

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